General Payroll Instructions:

  • Paychecks are issued bi-weekly.

  • The deadline to submit timesheets is five (5) business days prior to payday.

  • Your timesheet must be signed by an authorized representative of the client before it is processed.

  • Timesheets submitted after the deadline will be processed in the next payroll.

  • The original copy of your signed timesheet is required to release your paycheck.

  • The work week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday.

Submitting Timesheets:

  • Submit your timesheet by 5:00pm on Monday.

  • Fax it to us at (866) 801-1102 – be sure to call the front desk to confirm receipt!

  • Email it to us –

Receiving Your Check:

  • Electronic deposit into your bank account is available and preferred.

  • Having your check held? Bring the original, signed timesheet with you to our office to exchange for your check.

  • Having your check mailed? After faxing us a copy, drop your original in the mail; your check will be sent upon receipt of your original, signed timesheet.